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    Current data and reports are available from in the Research Content Area. These data are from the Kuali Research Data Warehouse and are refreshed daily from Kuali Research.
    To access, first connect to the UMaccess-MFA VPN. More information about the VPN and MFA is here. Once connected, use an Internet browser to navigate to, select the Campus Users link and sign in to the Tableau Server with your Directory ID and password.
    Once you are logged in, select Research from the Content Area. You will then see the list of available reports.
    The data in these reports are valid as of the time they are run and are subject to change as Kuali Research is the live transactional system of record for sponsored program proposals, awards, and subawards. Users seeking to compare prior fiscal year periods should rely only on data generated from the Kuali Research Data Warehouse and not compare older data or reports generated from the Coeus Data Warehouse to the Kuali Research Data Warehouse. Updates to the system of record, data warehouse, reporting tools, and reporting methodology has resulted in some minor fluctuations of when the data and reports may attribute particular award actions. Using only the Kuali Research Data Warehouse data and reports assures that each award action is attributed to one, and only one, point in time.
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