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Kuali Research Modules

A “module” refers to a part of the Coeus database containing specific elements of the grants management life cycle. For example, all the tools and screens and windows associated with proposals submitted by the University fall under the Institute Proposal module.

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The University of Maryland currently uses the following Coeus modules:

Proposal Development

The Proposal Development module allows users to construct and route a proposal for University approval and submission. The Proposal Development module has a place for all of the information needed for a complete proposal including basic proposal information, personnel information, proposal attachments, budget, questionnaires, and supports submissions. The Proposal Development module is tied to the Kuali Research list of sponsors, organizations (for subawardees), persons (updated by PHR), and an address book (external to UMD contacts).

Institute Proposal

The Institute Proposal module contains summary data of proposals that have been reviewed and approved by ORA and submitted to sponsoring organizations. Each proposal is assigned an institute proposal number, a unique identifier that allows users to search for a particular proposal. The Institute Proposal contains reportable information such as the credit split information, requested budget, start and end dates, and sponsor information. Once a proposal is funded, the data in the Institute Proposal record is used as the basis of the Award module record or may be linked to an existing award.


The Award module contains records of agreements which have been made to UMD from an external funding source. Data in the Award module pulls forward from Institute Proposal and ORA updates each record with data from the sponsor. An award consists of award documents for the parent account and all child accounts as well as a single time & money document.

This module is open to campus users, and data from this module feeds into the Kuali Financial System (KFS) for the tracking of expenditures on sponsored research accounts. Award attachments include the official award document from the sponsor, action requests from UM departments, and backup information for actions taken.


The Subaward module contains records of agreements where UMD has an agreement with an external organization to do a portion of the work of a sponsored award. Data in the Subaward module pull forward from the Award module and ORA updates each record based on the individual subaward agreement.

This module is open to campus users and some data from this module are entered into the Kuali Financials System by ORA to create the Purchase Order and pay the invoices approved by the department for work completed by the subaward organization. Subaward attachments include the subaward agreement and subaward action requests from the department.

Campus users do not have rights to edit records in this module.

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