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Kuali Research Updates April 5, 2019

In an effort to support VPR initiatives, a number of small updates need to be made to Kuali Research. Starting this tomorrow, April 5, and continuing throughout April and into May, we will continuously deploy these updates in KR.

Most of these updates deal with the various drop down menus in KR and users may notice that the order and the options have changed. In some areas of KR the language has been updated to reduce confusion. These updates will come with limited, if any, service interruptions to Kuali Research.

In the first set of updates users will notice:
Narrative Status: The status of attachments to the PD record are now referred to as Draft and Final, replacing Incomplete and Complete. 
Narrative Type: Additional internal narrative types have been added for Subrecipient Documentation and Clinical Trial attachments. 
Special Review Type: References to old routing form question numbers have been removed. 
Institute Proposal Status: The status Void replaces the Inactive status for those records which should not have been created. 

Over the coming weeks, the following updates will be implemented:
Sponsors and Organizations: The sponsor and organization codes and names have changed and the sponsor you most often use may have a new code or a slightly different naming convention. You will still be able to search for sponsors and organizations using the asterisk as the wildcard character. 
Award Transaction Types: The transaction types have been updated to more closely describe business processes. 
Inactive to Void: The term Void replaces Inactive to describe a record which should not have been created. This will be used throughout the KR modules. 
Consolidate/Remove “Do Not Use” choices: Where possible we have removed or consolidated the “Do Not Use” options in a drop-down menu across the modules. 
Investigator Certification Questions: The questions will be consolidated and the order updated.

Each of these updates will be made in the current version of Kuali Research. To meet the VPR initiatives, by the end of May a combined UMD/UMB instance of Kuali Research will be used. While records from both campuses will be in the same instance, system permissions will limit each user’s access to records from his/her own campus.

As we work through these updates, the KR materials on ORA’s website will also be updated. A Kuali User Group Meeting has been scheduled for Monday, May 6 9.30-10.30 in 1310B Marie Mount Hall for those interested in learning more about these updates and further discussion.



Phase 2 complete: All Colleges and Divisions have transitioned their business processes to use Kuali Research for the creation and routing of all proposals for University approval and submission. This includes all departments within each College/Division and includes all academic and administrative units.

7/6/2017:  Go-Live

ORA is excited to announce that Kuali Research will go live on September 26, 2017. Kuali Research will replace the Coeus research administration system and will be implemented in two phases.
Phase 1: On September 26 the Awards, Subawards, and Institute Proposal modules will go live for all of campus. Proposal Development will go live on this date for those Colleges and Departments currently using Coeus for the creation, routing, and submission of proposals.
Phase 2: The second phase of implementation will focus on expanding the use of Kuali Research Proposal Development to all remaining Colleges and Departments by Spring 2018. At the completion of Phase 2, all proposals submitted through ORA will be routed, reviewed, and submitted electronically.
Kuali Research was developed with the Coeus base code, thus much of the functionality will seem familiar to current users. Unlike Coeus, Kuali Research is web based and accessible with an Internet browser from any location and features a much more user‐friendly interface. Kuali Research will support the requirement that all UMD Principal and Co‐Principal Investigators certify their own proposals prior to submission for routing, as mandated by the Division of Research, Office of the Vice President for Research. Kuali Research will handle this electronically eliminating the need to track down a signature on a hard copy because all of the information is included in the system.
ORA will provide a number of training opportunities both before and after the September 26 Go Live. Training sessions will be delivered in person and via WebEx and topics will address specific needs of various groups of users. Please refer to ORA’s website ( for additional information as it becomes available.

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