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Quick Reference Guide

To view and/or print ORA's Quick Reference Guide, select the format most appropriate for your needs:

Quick Reference Guide

For assistance contact your Contract Administrator or the eRA Help Desk (5-6263).

Prepare to Apply

Find funding opportunity
Register for SPIN Plus ( to receive funding alerts.

Know unit procedures
In some units, Investigators will create the proposal in Kuali Research, in other units administrators will work with Investigators to create the proposal in Kuali Research.

Create or update profiles in electronic systems
Update profiles in NSF, NIH eRA Commons, NASA NSPIRES, etc.

Attend training sessions
Kuali Research trainings are offered regularly and system-specific trainings can be provided.

Develop Proposal

Prepare proposal
Refer to the sponsor’s directions for content and formatting guidelines.

Acquire and complete required information
Complete information in Kuali Research. For applications that require submissions, link the System to System opportunity to the proposal in Kuali Research.

Complete required information for UMD routing and attach final budget, justification, solicitation, and subaward documentation. The technical internal attachments, and System to System proposal attachments may be in draft form and replaced during routing by the proposal creator or proposal aggregator. Two ORA placeholder attachments must be included. 

Contact your Contract Administrator (ORA staff).

Investigator Certification

All UMD Personnel with the role of Investigator, must complete the Certification questions in Kuali Research

All University of Maryland investigators, including Principal Investigator, Multiple Principal Investigators, and Co-Investigators, must certify the proposal in Kuali Research.

Route for Approval and Deadlines

Submit proposal for Approval in Kuali Research. 
Proposal will move from Lead unit to College to ORA for approval using established routing maps for review and approval by Department Chairperson/Unit Head or designee of administering unit and the next higher level of authority within the school of the administering unit; ex. Dean or VP or designee. ORA provides the final University-authorized signature.

Be sure to allow enough time for review. Complex proposals, proposals involving multiple departments or multiple institutions, Requests for Proposals (RFPs), or proposals that include cost sharing may take longer to review.
All Proposals should be completely approved in Kuali Research up to the ORA stop 6 business days before submission. proposals for NIH and NSF should be final 6 business days before the deadline, including all attachments.
For all other proposals, all attachments in Kuali Research should be final and marked as complete at least 24 hours before the deadline.
Proposals where the PI provides submit access to ORA (e.g. NSF FastLane, NASA NSPIRES) must have this access granted to the final proposal at least 24 hours before the deadline.

Submit to Sponsor

Hard copy proposals
ORA will notify the department for pickup so department can mail to the sponsor.

Electronic proposals
ORA will submit to sponsor.



                      When proposal applications request...                                Answer is...

Submitting OrganizationUniversity of Maryland, College Park (Do not list department name)
General Business Address &
Address for Official Correspondence
Office of Research Administration
3112 Lee Building 7809 Regents Drive
College Park, Maryland, 20742-5141
Phone:(301) 405-6269
Fax: (301) 314-9569
Type of OrganizationState Institution of Higher Education
Congressional DistrictMD-004
Official Authorized to Sign ProposalsCheck with your Contract Administrator, or
enter: Wendy Montgomery, Director
Office of Research Administration
(ORA is the designated signing Official, DO NOT sign in these spaces.)
Financial Contact and Sponsored Project Payment AddressSponsored Programs Accounting & Compliance
4101 Chesapeake Building 4300 Terrapin Trail
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-3141
Phone: (301) 405-2607
Fax: (301) 314-9889
Federal Cognizant Audit Agency
Grants Finance and Administration Services, Program Support Center
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
7700 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 2300
Bethesda, MD 20857
(301) 492-4855
Point of Contact: Lucy Siow
Administrator or Business Administrator
Contact Assigned to Department
List ORA Contract Administrator (CA) Name. Refer to: ORA staff 
Institutional Assurance Numbers

IRB FWA: 00005856
IACUC: A3270-01

IACUC OLAW: D16-00172 Use for PHS

J1 Visa Designation NumberP-1-0793
Principal Investigator, Project Director,
or Technical Contact
Faculty member’s name
Campus AddressFaculty member’s or Department’s Address
Employer Federal ID Number/IRS Number 
(also known as TIN)
DHHS/PHS/Dept. of Ed. Entity ID Number 
(also known as EIN)
Use on forms for all DHHS, NIH, PHS, and Dept. of Ed. applications
Unique Entity Identifier NPU8ULVAAS23
CAGE Code 
(Commercial and Government Entity Code) 
(North American Industry Classification System Code)
(Formerly SIC - Standard Industrial Code)
DHHS-PHS PIN  (Use for USDA-NIFA proposals) or
ASAP Information (also for USDA-NIFA proposals)
2451208 (Recipient ID)
NIH Institutional Profile Number820102
NSF Institution Code00-2103-0000
FICE Code  
(Federal Interagency Committee on Education Code)
ONR Administrative Contracting Office
Office of Naval Research Boston
Regional Office
495 Summer Street, Room 627
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 753-4004
Point of Contact:
Administrative Contracting Officer
(617) 753-4617
Date of Facilities & Administrative Cost Agreement June 23, 2022
DS-2 DateAmended DS2 Effective 06/22/22
DCAA Accounting System Approval Date &
Audit Number 
January 06, 2023
Audit Number 1221-2023A17740001
Standard F&A Rates
calculated as percentage of Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC) see website for additional rates: UM Resources FA
FY 2024-2026
56% On-Campus Research
27.5% Off-Campus Adjacent
26% Off-Campus Remote
58.5% DOD Contract On-Campus Research
31.5% DOD Contract Off-Campus Adjacent
30% DOD Contract Off-Campus Remote
53% Instruction
40% Other Sponsored Activity
11% IPA
Fringe Benefits
rates effective as of 07/01/23
Refer to: UM Resources benefits-stipends
Staff-36.9%; Faculty-30.7%; Limited Benefits-25.5% Legislated Benefits-6.4%


Contact your ORA Contract Administrator for assistance if sponsor requires information not provided above.

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