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The procedures in this manual lay out the processes established by the Office of Research Administration for requesting, monitoring, and closing out Subcontracts issued in support of research, development and/or or training contracts funded by an outside sponsor and performed under a proposal submitted by the University of Maryland (UMD).  The campus official authorized to execute subcontracts /subawards on behalf of UMD is the Director or his/her designees within the Office of Research Administration (ORA).  The campus Authorizing Official for Purchase Orders and Consulting Agreements is the Assistant Vice President for Procurement and Strategic Sourcing, or his/her designees.

Responsibilities at various stages of the process are shared by the Principal Investigator (PI), the administering academic unit, the Office of Research Administration (ORA), the Office of the Comptroller, and the Department of Procurement and Strategic Sourcing.  All subcontracting activity will be conducted in accordance with the provisions of FAR 3.502-2 (Anti-Kickback Act of 1986).  Any suspected violations thereof will be reported to the Director, Office of Research Administration.

The applicable Prime Contract terms must be "flowed down" to the first tier Subcontractor and include provisions for additional flow down to second tier Subcontractors.  Under Federal contracts and other agreements, the flowdown requirements are mandatory (see Appendix A or B for examples).  The procedures cited here, however, apply to all subcontracts issued irrespective of the type of prime sponsor.

Most of the procedures described herein also apply to the processing of Subawards funded under private or federally funded Grants and Cooperative Agreements.  Questions concerning any of the information contained herein may be directed to

The entire Subcontract Manual can be viewed here: Subcontract Manual



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