Where do I find………?

I. ORA Subcontracting Manual

II. Subaward Forms & Resources: 

A. Proposal and Subaward Request Resources

  1. Subaward Commitment Form (Send to all proposed Subrecipients)
  2. MPowering Letter of Commitment and related MPower forms (UM Baltimore Sub only)
  3. Subawardee Welcome Packet (Send to all Foreign, For Profit, and Non-Profits organizations. Generally not needed by U.S. non- profit educational institutions).
  4. Managing Externally Funded Sponsored Programs: A Guide to Effective Management Practices (March 2016) (Guide to management of federal awards published by the Council on Governmental Relations (COGR).
  5. Foreign Fixed Price Subaward Justification (Federal Prime Sponsor)
  6. Subaward Request Form (Use to request “new” Subaward) and Line by Line instructions
  7. PHS-FCOI (Financial Conflict of Interest) Resources for Subrecipients
  8. Subcontractor vs Vendor vs Consultant (Distinguishing factors)

B. Subrecipient Monitoring Forms (used throughout the period of performance)

  1. Subaward Invoice Checklist (check incoming invoices)
  2. Subaward Modification Request Form (Use for changes to existing Subaward)

C. Closeout Forms (Final clearance by PI upon expiration of Subaward)

  1. Subaward Invoice Checklist (for Final Invoice)
  2. Subaward Closeout Certification-Principal Investigator (Send completed forms to

III. Additional Subaward Resources related to:

A. Name of Subaward Administrator assigned to my department:

B. Instructions for determining if Subrecipient has to be SMOCR’d before issuing:

  • Navigate on a web browser to to access Kuali Research
  • Log in using your UMD CAS information. 
  • Click on “Search for an Organization”  under the Quick Links on the right hand side of the page
  • Type partial Subrecipient Name (* __*) in the Organization Name search box
  • If “No values match this search” Subrecipient will undergo Subrecipient Monitoring and Oversight Committee Review (SMOCR) prior to issuance.

C. Compliance Information re: IRB/IACUC/RCR/IRBNet/Citi Training

D. Copies of all completed subaward actions in Kuali ResearchSubaward Module

  • Navigate on a web browser to to access Kuali Research
  • Log in using your UMD CAS information. 
  • Click on Unit, navigatge to Subaward and click on the magnifying glass
  • Enter the KFS number in the Account ID field
  • Click on Open
  • Navigate to the Financial tab and open the selected pdf file


PHS-FCOI Resources for Subrecipients

Resources for subrecipients regarding Public Health Services (PHS) “Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) policy" (2011 Revised Regulations) effective as of August 24, 2012

A. The new Public Health Service FCOI regulations may be found at:

B. Frequently Asked Questions regarding “Responsibility of Applicants for Promoting Objectivity in Research for which PHS Funding is Sought (42 CFR Part 50 Subpart F) :

C. Checklist for Policy Development related to the 2011 Revised Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) Regulation:

D. FDP Model Financial Conflict of Interest Policy (for potential adoption by Subrecipients who do not yet have an internal FCOI policy in place):

E. Information regarding completion of the PHS-FCOI CITI Training Modules by Subrecipient organizations whose PHS Subaward is governed by the University of Maryland FCOI policy:
     For CITI Training, look under “Required Training.”
     For IRB-Net Registration and Disclosures, look under “FCOI Disclosure Submission.”

F. Questions regarding use of the University of Maryland IRBNet system by Subrecipient organizations under a PHS Subaward should be directed to:
    Joe Smith ( (301-405-0678)

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