UM Master Subcontracting Plan

Federal law mandates that all federal contracts in excess of $750,000 must have a federally approved Subcontracting Plan in place. Such plans set percentage and dollar goals for subcontracts to be awarded to small businesses, small disadvantaged businesses, small woman-owned businesses and small businesses located in Historically Underutilized Business Zones (HUBzones.)

Subcontracts to HBCU/MI (historically black colleges and universities/ minority institutions) are also strongly encouraged for these large federal contracts.

The University of Maryland's Master Subcontracting Plan has been approved by the Office of Naval Research on behalf of the federal government. The Master Subcontracting Plan is administered by UM's Department of Procurement and Business Services .

When PI's compete for federal contracts in excess of $750,000, only the goals for that particular contract need be established and approved by the federal sponsor. This is achieved by completing and attaching the Master Plan and Exhibit I to the submitted proposal. Exhibit I is used to record the individual goals that have been determined for each specific contract. Exhibit I is available on this site in two formats, pdf or doc.

PI's need to work with Procurement and Business Services by forwarding the completed Exhibit I and providing a copy of the proposed project budget to Procurement at for assistance on determining appropriate percentage goals for use of small or minority owned businesses. Please provide as much time for this activity as possible. The final Exhibit I will be endorsed by an Authorized Official of Procurement and Business Services.

PI's can determine the status/eligibility of potential subcontractors on-line via the Small Business Administration's database of Central Contractor Registration .

The required semi-annual/annual reporting is the responsibility of the Department of Procurement and Business Services, who will reach out to the PI and Department for assistance on their specific contract.

Questions about the Subcontracting Plan and when to use it should be addressed to the Contract Administrator assigned to your college or department. Please identify your Contract Administrator via ORA's Staff Directory.


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