Frequently Asked Questions

How do I..

Learn more about the proposal process?

Sponsored Research Handbook provides an overview of the policies and procedures that apply to research at the University of Maryland.

Transfer my grant?

Awards are granted to the Institution and not the individual PI. In order for an award to be transferred from one institution to another, the agency, Department Chair, and the sponsored projects office (ORA) must be notified.  Learn more about transferring grants.

Get my proposal routed through the university?

A proposal must have the endorsement of campus officials and therefore must be electronically routed through Kuali Research to get the required electronic signatures of the lead department chairperson, college dean and authorized University official, which is delegated to the Office of Research Administration.

Begin my research prior to the award date?

An Advance Account Number Authorization (AANA) form must be completed and submitted to ORA. This form must bear the signatures of the PI and the Department Chair/Director.

Apply F&A costs?

More information about applying F&A rates and the current F&A memo can be found on the F&A Information page.

Find out how much money is left on my grant?

Authorized users can access this information via UMD’s Kuali Financial System.

Find my CA?

Each department is assigned a Contract Administrator in ORA. To determine your Contract Administrator's name and contact information, use the ORA Staff Directory

More FAQs..

Am I an eligible PI?

All tenured/tenure-track faculty and research scientists can be Principal Investigators. Employees or appointees affiliated with the University of Maryland (i.e. adjunct faculty, graduate assistants, and postdoctoral associates) may be PIs with the endorsement of the department chairperson and dean and must have an appointment in PHR. All PIs and Co-PIs must be listed in, and certify their participation in Kuali Research.

Do I need to IRB approval?

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) must review research involving human subjects. The purpose of the review is to help assure the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects. More information about the IRB, including the policies and procedures, can be found on IRB's website.

What is cost sharing and how do I deal with it?

Cost sharing is the commitment of University of Maryland's resources to a sponsored project. Cost sharing should be included in the proposal only when required. More information, including the Cost Sharing Policy, can be found here.

My funder has publication restrictions – is this allowable?

Generally no. It is the policy of the University of Maryland System that instruction, research, and services will be accomplished openly and without prohibitions on the publication and dissemination of the results of academic and research activities. For more information, you can consult the University System of Maryland Policy on Classified and Proprietary Work

If you have questions about your publication rights, please contact your Contract Administrator in ORA.

What is involved in subcontracting?

There are a number of procedures to be followed by ORA in the preparation and administration of University-issued sponsored project subcontracts. These subcontracts are issued by ORA when a award from a prime sponsor incorporates work to be performed by a subcontractor. Access the subcontract manual here.

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