Fringe Benefits & Stipends

Employee Benefits

As of 7/1/2019, UMD has Fringe Benefit Rates approved by our cognizant audit agency, the Department of Health and Human Services. The approved Fringe Benefit rates are included in UMD’s most recent F&A rate agreement. Any deficit occurring as a result of underestimating these benefit rates must be covered by transfers from other budget categories in the Grant/Contract or from the departmental/College unrestricted funds.

Employee Benefits include: FICA (Federal Insurance Contributions Act), Retirement, Unemployment Compensation, Health Insurance, Workers Compensation, Terminal Leave Payout and Employee Assistance. Tuition Remission is also an employee benefit of UMD but it is not included in the Fringe Benefit Rate and for the purposes of sponsored program budgets should be budgeted separately. For more information on UMD’s Fringe Benefit Rates and any FAQ’s visit the Office of the Provost Fringe Benefit Rates page

Fringe Benefits

Suggested Budget Justification Language – for new proposals and rebudgeting requests

Graduate Stipends

For information regarding graduate student stipends at the University of Maryland visit the graduate stipends page.

Fringe Benefits - Prior to 7/1/2019


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