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Bronze 5 - Our workplace website includes a link to the Office of sustainability and contains information about our progress towards becoming Green Office certified


True sustainability happens when it is embedded into our core operation. The Green Office Program engages staff, faculty and students in a dynamic initiative that promotes best environmental practices at the University of Maryland. The program supports and promotes offices/units that are taking steps toward reducing their environmental footprint. It seeks to motivate environmentally friendly behaviors by providing definitive guidelines and reducing confusion about best practices. The program operates through a network of representatives (GO Reps) in schools, centers and administrative units.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Engage the campus community in activities that will strengthen the University of Maryland’s position as a national leader in sustainability
  • Recognize and reward leadership in sustainability
  • Educate participants about how and why to take action
  • Support the University’s Climate Action Plan and Strategic Plan
  • Further integrate sustainability into campus culture
  • Conserve water, save energy, minimize waste and save money
  • Promote campus policies that support sustainability

For more information on the Green Office Program www.greenoffice.umd.edu
For more information about campus sustainability www.sustainability.umd.edu

The Office of Research Administration is now Bronze level certified, check out the steps we have taken in order to reach this level.

The Office of Research Administration is currently working on the Bronze level certification. ORA’s green initiative is being led by Go Reps Kathryn Calderone and Mosi Skerritt. Our office provides an OMB Circular course for staff and faculty, where we have encouraged attendees to bring their own reusable drinking containers. We have also transitioned to paperless staff meetings, made recycling bins more accessible, turn off our lights when we leave our desks for a prolonged period of time, and minimize power vampires by turning off our monitors when away from our desks. We understand that going green is a process and can’t happen overnight. We have put up trash and recycling information above trash cans to educate about what can or cannot be recycled. ORA as a whole is very committed to new ideas in order to continue and better represent the green office program. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact the ORA Go Reps at oragreenoffice@umd.edu.


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