Agency Specific Technical Reporting Guide

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The Agency Specific Technical Reporting Guide provides information related to the submission of Progress and Final Technical Reports to a federal sponsoring agency. There may be exceptions which are incorporated into the terms of an award; therefore, each award should be reviewed for Reporting Requirements. All questions or concerns related to the information provided here should be directed to Compliance Coordinator, Cheryl Jones (, (301-405-6267).

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bullet Department of Agriculture (DOA)

bullet Department of Commerce (DOC)

bullet Department of Defense (DOD)

bullet Department of Education (ED)

bullet Department of Energy (DOE)

bullet Department of Health and Services (DHHS)

bullet Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

bullet Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

bullet Department of Interior (DOI)

bullet Department of Justice (DOJ)

bullet Department of State (DOS)

bullet Department of Transportation (DOT)

bullet Independent Agencies, Government-Owned Corporations, and Volunteerism Agencies

bullet Defense and Security Agencies

bullet Energy & Science Agencies

bullet Foreign Investment Agencies

bullet Interior Agency

bullet Monetary and Financial Agency

DISCLAIMER: The Office of Research Administration assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information nor any consequences which may result from its use. Please report any errors which are discovered upon submission of the required technical reports to Cheryl Jones, Compliance Coordinator, at


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