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University Research Guidance:  

With the new Severe Research Restrictions in place, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Access to Research Spaces.  On-campus laboratories and core facilities must begin transitioning immediately to implement Severe Research Restrictions. These restrictions are expected to remain in place through at least June 1, at which time they will be re-evaluated.

Core Labs and Facilities.  Please contact core facility personnel for updates regarding specialized core labs and facilities.

Prioritize Remote Access and Telework. At this time, it is important to prioritize research activities that can be done remotely (data processing, proposals, publications, patents, reviews, virtual research group and administrative meetings, virtual human subject interactions, etc.). All grant support and research administration services will continue to operate as normal but remotely, and we are anticipating a surge in these activities. All students, post-docs, staff, and faculty involved in research projects should ensure that they have access to information they need to work remotely. This might include, for example, access to literature, access to existing datasets and research-related files, and access to meeting software such as WebEx and Zoom.  More information is available on the website. Principal Investigators should host research staff meetings remotely, using similar approaches as for Remote Teaching of Classes. Visit for guidance, strategies and resources to support virtual instruction. For additional online research resources, please visit the Integrated Research Resources on Campus (IRRoC) website.

For using university technology resources for HIPAA-covered work, please also see: HIPAA and the Use of Information Technology Systems at UMD.

For more information on electronic signatures, please visit the following resource: How to Add Digital Signature in Adobe Acrobat

Field Studies. Field, farm, and greenhouse projects with adequate social distancing may be continued.

See: Daily Risk Assessment for Field Research During Severe Research Restrictions

Research Safety, Personal Safety, and Security. Safety and security are critical for all of our personnel who must be on-site to continue critical research or those personnel that are designated as 'essential', performing activities that include animal care and maintaining essential equipment and valuable samples. The Department of Environmental Safety, Sustainability, and Risk (ESSR) is moving to offer virtual researcher training via Zoom and WebEx. More details will be provided to the research community. Contact for support and with lab safety related questions.

Also See:

Protection of Research Spaces. Please be vigilant regarding any suspicious activity and/or any unauthorized access to your research spaces. In the event that you do notice any suspicious activity, please contact the University of Maryland Police at 301-405-3555.

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