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SciENcv (Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae) is a free tool made available through the National Library of Medicine’s National Center for Biotechnology Information (myNCBI) platform. Researcher’s profiles are associated with the individual, and not their institution.

Getting Started with SciENcv

Use SciENcv to create compliantly formatted NIH, NSF, & IES Biographical Sketch and Current & Pending Support documents.

NIH eRA Commons, NSF, and ORCID account holders who have linked their accounts to NCBI can populate their SciENcv profiles with the information stored in their eRA, NSF, or ORCID accounts. The information transferred to SciENcv can be changed, hidden, augmented or deleted. SciENcv users control the content displayed in their SciENcv profiles.

SciENcv Resources
  • Are investigators required to use SciENcv?

    Investigators are required to follow the sponsor's policy and guidelines for the content and format for all documents.
    NIHencourages investigators to use SciENcv to generate format-compliant documents.
    NSFrequires investigators to use SciENcv to generate format-compliant documents.

    Sponsor Tips

  • What are the benefits to using SciENcv?

    This tool allows researchers to create and manage their own profile and:
    Connect to NIH Commons profile data
    Connect to your NSF account
    Upload publications from MyNCBI or ORCiD account
                 Upload Google Scholar into ORCiD
    Create and maintain multiple versions of your profile for specific use, re-using the previously entered information
    May be made publicly available online or downloaded as .doc, .pdf, or .xml file
    NSF and NIH formats are already compliant with necessary guidelines. If/when the agencies update format or content guidelines in the future, SciENcv downloads will be updated and remain compliant.
    Assign delegates

  • How do I get started with SciENcv?

    Select your login method you will use. Go to Then, just once, link your other accounts and systems to pull in available data including proposals, awards, and publications.


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