Graduate Stipends

Memo: Stipend Levels for Graduate Assistants and Fellows for FY 2018

The minimum stipend level for graduate assistantships for FY2018 will remain unchanged. The FY18 minimum stipends for Step 1 Graduate Assistants, whether on state or research accounts, are given below, together with additional guidelines. Please ensure that your graduate assistantship stipends and stipend levels are in compliance.

Graduate Assistantship Stipends

  • All graduate assistants fall into one of three steps. Step I is for first-year graduate assistants only; Step II is for second-year assistants, as well as those students, new or continuing, holding a master’s degree; and Step III is for doctoral students officially advanced to candidacy. Students should be placed in the appropriate step.
  • The Graduate School sets a minimum stipend level for Step I. Each unit is to ensure that its Step I stipend level is equal to or higher than the minimum specified below.
  • Stipend levels have no caps at any step, and should differ between steps.
  • All graduate assistants at a particular step, in a particular unit, should receive the same stipend amount regardless of their payment history.

Minimum Stipends for Step I Graduate Assistantships are as follows:

  Full Half
9-month Assistantship $15,294 $7,647.00
9.5-month Assistantship $16,144 $8,072.00
12-month Assistantship $20,392 $10,196.00

Note: Teaching Assistants must be offered 9.5- or 12-month assistantships due to responsibilities after the last day of classes; TAs may not be offered 9-month assistantships.

Graduate Fellowship Stipends: 9-Month and 12-Month

  • The Graduate School sets minimum stipend levels, specified below, for fellowships to qualify for tuition remission. For details, see:
  • Fellowship stipend levels have no caps. The Graduate School strongly encourages programs to offer fellowship packages that substantially increase the likelihood of successful student recruitment and degree completion.
  • Guidelines for University and Dean’s Fellowship increments apply.
  • No work requirements can be attached to graduate fellowships.

Minimum Stipends for Graduate Fellowships are as follows:

9 month Fellowships 12 month Fellowships
Full Half Full Half
$15,000 $7,500 $20,000 $10,000

International Students on Assistantships or Fellowships

International students offered 9- or 9.5-month assistantships or fellowships must show proof of private financial resources for the remainder of the year or must be provided additional support for that period. In either case, the total 12-month amount must equal or exceed the amount required by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to obtain an immigration visa. For further information, contact International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) at ex. 4-7740.

For further information regarding stipend guidelines, or for other assistance, please contact Patricia Woodwell, Director – Finance and Administration (x50814) or Barbara Ferguson, Manager – Fellowships and Tuition Remission (x50371).


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