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Coeus Installation Guide

Coeus Installation Guide

Directions include steps for detecting which version of Java you currently have on your computer, installing the correct version of Java, dowloading and installing Coeus.

Please note: If you do not have rights to install software on your computer, please see your IT support staff.

Coeus User Manuals

Coeus Basics Manual

  • Introduction to icons and toolbar for Award and Insitute Proposal modules
  • Basic search techniques
  • Sorting and saving search results
  • Introduction to Insitute Proposal module tabs
  • Introduction to Award module tabs
  • Introduction to Person module tabs
  • Introduction to icons and toolbar for Subawards module
  • Introduction to Subawards module tabs
  • Techniques for searching the Subawards module

Coeus Ad hoc Reports Manual

  • Running queries in the Awards module by: PI, Department, College, Sponsor, Type, Date range
  • Running queries in the Institute Proposal module by: PI, Department, College, Sponsor, Type, Date range
  • Generating Current and Pending reports

Coeus Quick Search Guides

Quick Search Guides offer an overview of how to search within particular modules. These guides are less comprehensive than the Coeus Manuals.

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