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A “module” refers to a part of the Coeus database containing specific elements of the grants management life cycle. For example, all the tools and screens and windows associated with proposals submitted by the University fall under the Institute Proposal module.

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The University of Maryland currently uses the following Coeus modules:

Proposal Development

The Proposal Development module allows users to construct and route complete proposals from their desktop computers. Significant Proposal Development components include detailed cover-sheet information, Proposal Personnel, Budget, Narrative, Yes/No Questions, and Questionnaires. The Proposal Development module is integrated with centrally supported database information maintained in the Sponsor table (list of sponsors), Person table (updated by PHR), Organization table (list of peer institutions for performance sites and subawards), and Rolodex table (list of contacts outside of UMD). These extensive data tables are easily accessed via searches, and the resulting data is consistently applied to each proposal.

Institute Proposal

The Institute Proposal module contains summary data of proposals that have been reviewed and approved by ORA and submitted to sponsoring organizations. Information from the routing form corresponds to fields in the Institute Proposal in Coeus. Each proposal is assigned an institute proposal number, a unique identifier that allows users to search for a particular proposal. The Office of Research Administration inputs the credit split information, budget, start and end dates, and any special review conditions such as IRB, IACUC, COI, etc. Once a proposal is funded, the data in the Institute Proposal record may be used to form the basis of the Award module record, or may be linked to an existing award.

Searching the Institute Proposal module
Checking the status of a proposal


The Award module maintains detailed information on awards and subcontracts, including a complete history of every change made to an award and subcontract – from sponsor funding notice through final close-out. The Institute Proposal record can be linked to create a new award, or can be linked as an additional Funding Source to an existing award.

In addition, Coeus Award maintains:

  • standard reporting requirements (financial, technical)
  • terms and conditions (E-Verify, Recovery Act, FDP, Research Terms and Conditions)
  • required cost sharing
  • special reviews (animals, human subjects, biohazards, etc.)
  • F&A rates (negotiated F&A rates, special rates determined by sponsor policy)

The latest update to the Award module supports award-specific document upload and storage. All currently available funds (obligated) and future funding (anticipated) are documented in the Award’s Money and End Dates tab. Award documents are now attached in Coeus and accessible to view in pdf format.

Searching the Award Module
Accessing Award Documents


The Subcontract module records are related to awards that fund the agreement. Subaward records contain detailed information on the subrecipient organization and the authorized funding level. Other data in this module includes: the amount, the start and end dates, type of subaward, modifications to subaward amounts and end dates, primary performance location, required subaward reports, special review items, invoicing information, and cost sharing information. Historical information is captured as the subcontract is modified.


Organizations in Coeus refer to legal entities with which the institution maintains a business relationship, other than a sponsor. In addition to basic information about an organization, University of Maryland records audit information, DUNS and EIN number, and other information required for Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) reporting such as Congressional district and primary place of performance.

Searching the Subcontract Module


The Person module is the central repository for information about employees (including faculty, researchers, and student employees) who may be associated with proposals or awards. This module allows for multiple degree records to be stored, for bio-sketch information in Word and PDF formats to be stored, and for the user to produce current and pending support lists for any investigator.

Because the Person table is updated in Coeus via nightly data-feeds from the University of Maryland PHR database, updates to Person data must be processed by the end user or PHR data administrators. The Proposal Development module allows users to manually edit Person data on a proposal.

Searching the Person Module


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